02 julho, 2010

"The Hip-Hop issue"

"Truth be told, the music was better then. It was infused with a counsciousness and a sense of urgency that's no longer there. We were hungry, and you can hear it. Comparatively, in 2010, rappers are lazy. I mean, hell, we're all lazy. The fight is gone, even the term gangsta rap is a misnomer now. Guys like Ice Cube and Ice-T were stoytellers who had a point to make. What do rappers who call themselves gangsta today really have to say? Now the music is just a much part of the problem, not the solution. Party and bullshit. At one point, the music was revolutionary and had something to say. It was trying to make a change and was fighting for somthing. It believed in something. There was a time when the music reflected what went on in our lives. If it was the hood CNN, it's now the hood TMZ".

Andre Torres, no editorial da Wax Poetics #41, Maio/Junho 2010, "The Hip-Hop issue". Na capa KRS-One, na contracapa os EPMD.E ainda Souls of Mischief, Ice-T, Ice Cube ... Um luxo!

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